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A Wee Bit About WhereIt All Began...

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Kyla, the owner decided to fulfill her long standing dream of owning her own daycare centre after many years working for herself in a home daycare atmosphere in the Beaches area. With many years training and experience, excellent parent referrals and support of her current home daycare families Kyla was able to ensure this dream would happen. So, Kyla asked Georgina, her daughter to join this journey with her as a Director.


Naming the centre was an easy one for Kyla. Kyla has always lovingly referred to her little friends as “wee leprechauns”, families and the children love it so, naming it the “Wee Leprechauns Child Care Centre” truly represented her and her love for all of her little friends at daycare.


Kyla and Georgina are committed to ensuring the Wee Leprechauns Child Care Centre operates on a friendly and professional basis by being hands on in each of the rooms, meeting and hiring the staff personally and communicating with families. Whether it is on a daily basis or behind the scenes we are here to make the Wee Leprechauns Child Care Centre a place where families love bringing their children, communities love coming together with us and our staff enjoy every day at work.


More About Wee Leprechauns Child Care Centre

Wee Leprechauns Child Care Centre is a new centre within the North York area. Wee Leprechauns Child Care Centre is a government licensed daycare on The Donway East and Lawrence Ave that does not except subsidy. 

We believe children blossom in an environment that is nurturing, welcoming; where they feel safe and important knowing that there is always support and love surrounding them, which is why we hope the children will feel like it’s a home away from home child care centre and our families are happy and comfortable leaving their precious children in our care.​

All meals at Wee Leprechauns  Child Care Centre are cooked and prepared on-site by our chosen staff but recipes are verified by Kyla and Georgina to ensure they meet the needs of the children and the Canadian Food Guide. However, Kyla and Georgina do set up days within the program for the children to assist us during cooking days by making pizzas or baking some goodies. These recipes are not only good for you and delicious but are tried and tested by Kyla and Georgina with their own families prior to being introduced to the children. We also, will send out some recipes that the children make and loved and on request. 

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